This New Cryptocurrency Makes You Exercise In Order To Mine Coins


How does it feel when you are getting paid for working out? Seems more like fiction but this is what the Cardio Health Care Company in South Korea is doing. Amalgamating the concept of Metaverse with the home fitness bike, the users can now experience the “Meta bike” on their tablets or smart TVs and in return can earn up the rewards as a result of this cardio in the form of “cardio coins”. The whole process is also termed a “move to earn”.  This has instilled a strong urge to exercise among people as they can make up a sufficient number of coins through this, thus making it a “Cardio Hub” straight away.

“People can exercise on Meta bike while competing with global users in racing games, ride through scenic nature, watch their favorite shows on OTT platforms, and immerse themselves on leading metaverse platforms like Roblox, all while tracking their workout, receiving fitness rewards, and having actual fun while exercising,” says Founder & CEO Daniel Park. Jacob Silverman said on Twitter; “Cardio coin combines Move-to-Earn with Play-to-Earn with its own technology sensors and software, which records only true fitness.” This Meta Bike records the track speed, workout distance, and fitness stamina through certain software encompassing Internet of Things (IoT) features and gaming blended functions.

Through Meta Run technology which uses the cardio smart treadmill has set specific targets for exercise which include 43,744 km distance of exercise with 25,712 workouts having a considerably good time of about 7,449 hours to receive the reward worth $10,000 in the form of crypto coins. Also, Meta bike which deploys over 50 games through IoT with Play to Earn and Move to Earn remunerates the users for up to $30 cardio points per month. Both these “Meta Bike” and “Meta Run” automation equip the users with the real-time – an actual exercise in the real world along with the touch of gaming through virtual reality, thus providing them opportunities of getting coins from both the streams.

Also, this cardio health care company is independent of the double-cross things like artificial points against fitness and only tracks actual progress, thus contributing towards a healthier environment.


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