This New Concept Car By Hyundai Could Make Parallel Parking A Lot Easier

Hyundai Mobis appears prepared to alter automobile agility with its latest innovation—the e-Corner System—while GMC’s CrabWalk may have caused a stir. This innovative idea, which debuted at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, raises the bar for parallel parking and represents the direction of four-wheel steering technology.

Hyundai Mobis, known for its collaboration with Hyundai as a dedicated supplier and technology partner, introduces the e-Corner System as part of the updated Mobion concept. This revolutionary feature allows the vehicle to rotate its wheels a staggering 90 degrees, providing unparalleled agility. Equipped with four small electric motors inside each wheel, the In-Wheel technology empowers the Mobion to move diagonally, laterally, or pivot gracefully with ease. Each wheel is not just a passive component; it houses braking, steering, and suspension functions, making it a comprehensive and dynamic system.

The Mobion, essentially an Ioniq 5 on a technological binge, was showcased at CES spinning around in a tight circle, gliding sideways effortlessly. This innovation addresses the perennial anxiety associated with parallel parking, as the vehicle can now navigate into tight spaces with unparalleled precision. The Mobion’s ability to perform a slo-mo drift session adds a touch of excitement, showcasing the potential applications of this technology beyond mundane parking scenarios.

While the Mobis e-Corner System builds on the foundation laid by its predecessor, the company labels this as the next-gen version with significant improvements. Videos from the CES show depict the Mobion’s mesmerizing capabilities, hinting at a future where parking frustrations could become a thing of the past.

Apart from showcasing the e-Corner System, Hyundai Mobis also demonstrated technological progress in autonomous driving. Enhanced safety and communication with pedestrians are provided by the integration of ground projection features and both short- and long-range lidar devices. Although the carmaker has not disclosed when these features will be made available for purchase, it wouldn’t be shocking to see them influence transportation in the near future. The Hyundai Mobion promises a thrilling and safer driving experience, and with its futuristic features, it marks a potential paradigm shift in the automotive industry.

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