This Massive New Electric Truck By Caterpillar Can Haul 100 Tons

In an extraordinary alliance, the renowned heavy equipment manufacturer Caterpillar has joined forces with the prominent aggregates producer CRH to embark on a pioneering endeavor. Together, they will subject Caterpillar’s impressive 70- to 100-ton battery electric off-highway mining trucks to a rigorous examination. This momentous occasion signifies the very first instance in which a truck of such remarkable caliber is being assessed by the aggregate industry. The primary objective of this revolutionary partnership is to ensure that Caterpillar’s cutting-edge electric trucks of the future possess the requisite qualities to satisfy CRH’s colossal $20 billion aggregates enterprise. By doing so, they aim to guarantee that these esteemed vehicles adhere to the demanding standards pertaining to safety, performance, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

The testing phase holds immense importance not only for Caterpillar but also supports CRH’s lofty objective of eradicating greenhouse gas emissions from its operations by the year 2050. By delving into the practicality of utilizing environmentally friendly battery-electric equipment, CRH aims to contribute towards a future that is low in carbon emissions. Scott Parson, the president of CRH, stressed the significance of collaboration and innovation in successfully attaining industry-leading targets for decarbonization.

Executives from Caterpillar highlighted their excitement about the partnership and acknowledged the variety of solutions needed to ensure sustainability in the quarry and aggregates sector. The cooperation with CRH is an exciting opportunity to learn and gain insights into how Caterpillar’s products can best serve CRH’s long-term aspirations for decarbonization, according to Denise Johnson, President of Caterpillar’s resource industries group.

Caterpillar introduced its all-electric 265-ton capacity 793 truck at its Arizona proving ground over a year ago, showcasing impressive capabilities. The electric truck reached a top speed of nearly 40 mph, climbed a 10% grade for one kilometer at a steady 7.5 mph, and utilized regenerative braking during the downhill return to recoup battery power. Despite not disclosing detailed specifications, Caterpillar representatives confirmed that the electric truck had sufficient charge for additional testing cycles.

The alliance with CRH is a testament to Caterpillar’s dedication to innovation and sustainability. Caterpillar hopes to show that electric solutions can beat conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) alternatives by enlisting the help of a leading industry organization like CRH to validate the performance of its electric equipment. With cleaner, quieter options that put the sustainability of the environment and worker safety first, this partnership is a big step toward changing the mining sector.

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