This New Champagne Bottle Dispenses Small Spheres Of Bubbly That Astronauts Can Drink In Zero-Gravity

The Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar came into being after five years of development, including zero-gravity testing, from GH Mumm.

The bottle has tiny spheres of bubbly that astronauts can drink as they float in zero gravity. It is the first bubbly to receive approval with space requirements certified by the French National Centre for Space Studies (CNES).

Designer Octave de Gaulle said: ‘This project is, of course, very stimulating because of its highly technical nature and its 100 percent French identity, from design to manufacturing. But it is also very exciting because technology serves a greater purpose here: champagne condenses the memory of a terroir, a climate, an ancestral savoir-faire and tasting sensations for all those who will evolve far from Earth.’

Jean-François Clervoy, French European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut, added: ‘In space, it is essential to maintain a link with Earth and its culture. ‘As a symbol of the art of living that has endured through time, champagne has this universal appeal.’

The liquid remains preserved as it only touches the glass and stainless steel.

The high-tech bottle is further shrouded in a protective shell made of aeronautical-grade aluminum.

The first iteration, Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar, was released in 2018 and promoted by Usain Bolt.

The drink is a champagne House’s signature grape variety and is supplemented with up to 36 percent reserve wines from the past five years to augment its flavor.

Mr. Fresnet said: ‘My goal was to retain the freshness and power of Mumm Cordon Rouge, and to enhance the intensity of its aromas with more aging and a dosage liqueur made with wines aged in oak barrels.’

The champagne has notes of ripe yellow fruit, vine peach, dried fruit, hazelnut, and praline, and the dosage liqueur adds vanilla and pastry notes.

A bottle will be sent to the scheduled Axiom Space crewed missions into low Earth orbit, the next of which will be a flight to the International Space Station, set to launch next year.

Michael Suffredini, Axiom Space’s President & CEO, said: ‘Axiom’s collaboration with Mumm and the Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar recognizes that to bring humanity to space we can’t just bring humans, we need to bring human traditions. This philosophy of celebrating humankind empowers our goal for Axiom Station, a next-generation destination that will serve as a thriving home in space to enable a diverse space economy, further exploration, and enable more of humanity to access space.’

‘This project brings together the French savoir-faire of excellence for the benefit of conviviality that is so dear to us here on Earth.

‘As early as 1904, Mumm was present on board with Commander Jean-Baptiste Charcot to celebrate the first successful French expedition to Antarctica.

‘Tomorrow, it will accompany the life of the pioneers of the 21st century in the same way in this new territory that is space.’

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