This New Cap Protects Your Brain From Electromagnetic Waves

Shield Apparel Has Headwear That Will Protect You From Electromagnetic Waves 3

Are you among those who are concerned over the fact that the electromagnetic signals being emitted from Wi-Fi routers and other devices are harming you? If that’s the case then you would be happy to know that tinfoil hats are no longer the only solution to your problem. A couple of Slovakian entrepreneurs have developed the world’s first signal proof head-wear that has been designed to impart protection to your brain by reflecting electromagnetic waves.Shield Apparel Has Headwear That Will Protect You From Electromagnetic Waves

As per the Kickstarter campaign that is being run by Shield Apparel, the hats are comfortable and stylish while offering protection from signals that are being emitted by cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, microwaves and all sorts of waves being transmitted by electric gadgets. The makers claim that ‘It is the most comfortable and functional headwear you have ever worn.’

The founders of Shield Apparel are a couple of Slovak cousins who stayed up one night discussing about how the lack of sleep might be attributed to cell phone or Wi-Fi signals. The group decided to do something about it and gained their inspiration from the tinfoil hats. They were lucky enough to soon find out what they needed precisely – a special silver fabric that is employed by army for covering its tents to keep them hidden from satellites. The cousins said, “We ordered the first sample from the factory for the production of this material and we tried it on a mobile Wi-Fi router. When we covered up these devices, the signal was immediately lost.”Shield Apparel Has Headwear That Will Protect You From Electromagnetic Waves 3

They worked with Chinese manufacturers and designers for about 6 months before they were able to come up with a successful prototype that exhibited anti-radiation, anti-odor and anti-bacterial features. They further said, “With the help of experienced fashion designers and by using the high quality processed cotton, special signal proof fabric (100% silver) and original production processes we achieved a really beautiful and handy result affordable for everyone.”

‘Shield’ is being offered in two forms; a cap and a beanie along with variations in colors and sizes as well. The traditional beanie has been created using high-quality cotton and silver fabric that is perfect for winter and somewhat warmer days as well. The baseball cap version offers silver fabric sewn on its interior in such a way that it is hidden.Shield Apparel Has Headwear That Will Protect You From Electromagnetic Waves 2

The hats will be priced between $27 and $35 based upon which one you’re purchasing, however, right now you can pledge $4.5 towards Kickstart campaign to show your support. Let’s see if the campaign is successful or not – 24 days to go!

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