This New Cancer Treatment Can Kill Malignant Cells While Leaving Healthy Ones Alone

Research on cancer is an ongoing process since decades now. There have been breakthroughs and innovation in the field in form of new medicines, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. These methods are significantly effective in treating the disease and preventing it from spreading as well. However, there is one side effect that is common to all which is that of collateral. All these treatments not only target the cancerous cells but leave damage on the regular body cells as well. This leads to degeneration and damage to the healthy cells.

At the McMaster University, scientists have developed a method of immunotherapy that only focuses the stress on cancerous and harmful cells. Basically, they have genetically developed cells that are inserted into the body. These cells, after penetrating through the body, locate and then attack tumorous cells only. This discovery is supposed to serve as a substitute of the T-cell therapy or CAR-T, as called. CAR-T cannot be homogenously used for solid state cancers as it can do more damage than good. It is mostly used for blood cancers.

These engineered cells are called CAR-NK cells which were first tested in the labs on cancerous cells extracted from the case of breast cancer. These cells exhibited signs of safe and reliable treatment without destroying the regular, healthy body cells. The credibility of these cells is verified by scientists and oncologists present in the Hamilton Health Sciences Juravinski Cancer Centre. They have claimed that the results are pleasantly astonishing and pave way for further breakthroughs and advancements in the field of immunotherapy for cancerous cells, especially for solid tumors as they are more resistant and sturdier to be destroyed efficiently by regular chemotherapy or medicines. After breast cancer, researchers are aiming to test the cells on ovarian and lung cancers as well. The labs are now preparing for human trials for testing viability.

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