This New Butt-Friendly Bike Seat Moves With Your Legs

The vabsRider bicycle saddle is a revolutionary innovation designed to alleviate discomfort and soreness during cycling by allowing dynamic movement that synchronizes with the rider’s pedaling motion. This innovative concept was conceived by Australian engineer Robin Macan in 2016, driven by the idea that stationary pressure points on traditional bicycle seats contribute to discomfort and even pain for cyclists over extended periods of riding.

Collaborating with industrial designer Philippe Guichard and the Melbourne-based Whistle Design Group, Macan refined and developed his idea into a marketable product, now being commercialized through his startup, ataraxyBSC.

“The innovative split seat design allows for individual movement of the legs, rotating around the hip joints on an axis that is virtual to the seat,” the company states on its website.

At the core of the vabsRider’s design is its split-seat structure, which enables individual movement of the legs. Unlike traditional saddles that remain rigid, the vabsRider’s two sides pivot along with the rider’s pedaling, thereby distributing pressure more evenly across the rider’s anatomy. This design shift redirects pressure from the sit bones to the femurs, reducing discomfort and minimizing the risk of soreness commonly associated with conventional bike seats.

Moreover, the vabsRider incorporates a system-specific seatpost equipped with set screws, facilitating adjustments in fore/aft positioning, height, angle, and width. This customizable feature ensures that cyclists can tailor the saddle to their specific preferences and biomechanics, further enhancing comfort and performance on the bike.

While details regarding pricing and availability are still pending, individuals interested in acquiring the vabsRider can express their interest by contacting the company directly. The saddle’s functionality is showcased in a video, allowing potential buyers to see the innovation in action.

For those considering alternative options, the Airo Bike Seat offers a similar approach to comfort enhancement. Featuring a middle section that remains stationary and “Wing-Springs” on either side, the Airo seat accommodates shifts in sit-bone pressure during pedaling, providing another potential solution for cyclists seeking relief from discomfort during rides.

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