Elon Musk May Leave Tesla If He Is Not Paid $56 Billion

Elon Musk may very soon leave Tesla due to the refusal of a $56 billion bonus. This one-time additional payment was intended as a reward for his successful management of the company.

Tesla’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Robin Denholm, announced the potential decision. Denholm is urging shareholders to approve the bonus for Musk, with a vote scheduled for June 13. This will be the second attempt to resolve the issue, which originated in the winter of 2024.

Previously, a Delaware court overturned Musk’s right to such a large compensation, deeming $56 billion an incomprehensible amount, according to The Verge.

“Elon is not a typical leader, and Tesla is not a typical company. The usual way companies reward key executives will not lead to Tesla’s results. It takes something different to motivate someone like Elon,” Denholm stated in a letter to shareholders.

Denholm added that Musk has many ideas he could pursue outside the company, emphasizing the need to keep him at Tesla.

In May, it was reported that Musk was distancing himself from Tesla executives. He chose to concentrate the company’s management in his own hands, sending his deputy, Tom Zhu, to China to work on the local electric car market.

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