This New AR Filter Can Turn Your Body Into A Skeleton

Just in time for Halloween!

Augmented reality has come a long way since its starting days and now even independent developers are creating their own impressive filters and lenses with the help of AR technology. If someone had told you a few years ago that you could turn your flesh into bones just by pointing a camera in that direction, you would have laughed it off and called that person crazy. But Kavin Kumar, a developer has created just that for a Snapchat filter, which turns a person into a living skeleton.

While the animation of the skeleton could use some work, the accurate segmentation of the person’s skin from his clothes is very impressive and shows how far AR tech has come. The software is easily able to recognize and transform the person’s body in a split second after he lifts his shirt and turns his flesh into bones along with his skeleton head. Want to try into a skeleton yourself? Give it a try here

This is one of the many examples of AR and how this technology can shape the future of interactive applications. For example, an AR application for virtual garments would be very useful to brands that rely heavily on online shoppers. With an AR changing room, customers can virtually check out the products on their own body shape and get a better idea of the fitting and size, which is not available in conventional online shopping. This will also encourage more people to shop online who are reluctant because of size issues.

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit us last year, life has never been the same. All of us had to adapt to new virtual lifestyles and work routines and technology played a major role in making this experience a better one. By using virtual meeting rooms, employees can easily work from home by sharing their online avatars and easily attend meetings remotely. The applications of AR are vast and we’re only just stepping into the virtual world.

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