The SpaceX Tourist Flight Caused The Appearance Of An Amazing Jellyfish Nebula

The discourse about colonizing space and going there for leisure has been going on for quite a while now. Scientists and researchers are working relentlessly to make it happen in a way that it continues and progresses as well. One day, a trip to space will not sound as unbelievable and alien as it does now. Space organizations will make sure this happens. In fact, SpaceX is already on it and becoming the pioneer company in this aspect.

Last Wednesday, the company sent out a flight to space. This flight only went with the objective of tourism, and it was an all-tourism flight. The vehicle used for the flight was the Falcon 9 rocket that took off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida at around 8 pm Eastern time. Almost half an hour after sunset, the spectators, who had come to witness this historic flight, were treated to a mesmerizing sight: a hazy, jellyfish-like “nebula” caused by the rocket burning its propellant during its upward flight into space.

The picture captured by Supercluster’s photojournalist Erik Kuna depicts the incredible sight quite clearly. The mechanism does not involve a real planetary nebula. However, it followed the same pattern as the hot, exploding shell of superheated gas, released by a dying star. This effect witnessed was created because the chemicals from the rocket reacted with the air particles.

An image from NASA and SpaceX's Demo-1 launch.

Particles from the rocket fumes freeze and make clouds and some of the particles interact with the sunrays on the earth right after nightfall. These particles refract through the rays of the sun and produce multiple color ranges. All of this is reported according to Quartz. This, matched with camera tricks of high ISO and long shutter speed, gives incredible outputs. However, the fumes of the rocket give off dangerous greenhouse gases that can be detrimental to the already declining earth’s environment.

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