This New AI Camera Can Automatically Capture Memorable Moments


Your personal 24/7 photographer capturing moments that matter!

Back in February, Canon proposed the idea of an AI-powered photo/video camera that automatically captures scenes unfolding in front of it and appealed the Japanese community for the funding for the development and production. Now, after almost an year, the company has launched the AI device in Europe as the PowerShot PX.

The PowerShot PX (pronounced as pixie) looks like a small security camera but focuses on automatically capturing moments as they naturally unfold. Remember how strenuous it was to get every family member to sit still and smile at the camera at the same time for the perfect “family shot”? Well those days are behind us as pixie makes sure to capture all those candid moments for you, without having to perfectly time the photos and videos yourself.

The camera is designed with a 19-57-mm box lens and can cover 340 degrees and tilt 110 degrees and has a 3x optical and 4x digital zoom. The camera uses subject tracking and facial recognition smarts to automatically seek out subjects, focus on them in the frame and capture the actions as it happens. If you feel like PX is not focusing on the right thing or its attention is somewhere else, you can easily get its attention by the voice command feature and let it know who it should be shooting (say goodbye to random people’s pictures)

With a ½.3 CMOS sensor and Digic 7 processing engine, the PX produces 11.7 MP stills and full HD videos with 60 fps. The built-in Li-ion battery lasts for up to five hours per charge depending upon the intensity of usage while the captured content can be stored to microSD media or sent wirelessly to iOS/Android Connect app for review and forwarded on social media. The device will also automatically select pictures and videos not up to standard and put them in the bin, saving you lots of time to delete them yourself.

Of course, with all those amazing features, the PX is a pricey purchase, starting at $550 but it’s worth having your previous memories captured. Shipping starts later in November.


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