This New 10-Ton Luxury Submarine Can Travel Faster Than A Dolphin

Recently, U-Boat Worx has introduced the Super Sub, a vehicle equipped with four 60kW thrusters capable of steep 30-degree climbs and dives to depths of 984 feet (300 meters). The Super Sub is billed as “the most hydrodynamic sub on the market.”

The new Designed Super Sub was intended to be part of U-Boat Worx’s bespoke submarine program, allowing users to design their own submarine. The final product is submersible in the shape of a droplet with a long tail and smart wings.

The Super Sub’s design was desired to be a watercraft strong enough to keep up with large marine species while also providing a 360-degree scenic view. The Super Sub’s four 60kW thrusters were adopted because they allow the submersible to go at eight knots, two knots faster than a dolphin can travel through water.

According to U-Boat Worx, the Super Sub can transport one pilot and two passengers, and its interior is quite luxurious. Furthermore, an ultra-clear glass hull allows travelers to see right down to the ocean’s depths. In addition, the submersible is powered by specially designed lightweight lithium-ion batteries that can provide enough power for the 9.9 ton (9,000 kg) submersible to reach high speeds.

The first Super Sub model will be delivered in 2023, and the company plans to expand its fleet by building a huge array of Super Sub models later. The award-winning NEMO submersible, the world’s lightest personal submarine capable of reaching depths of 328 feet, is part of TU-Boat Worx’s current commercial fleet (100 meters).

In recent years, 360-degree view submersibles have made a reappearance, thanks to businesses like U-Boat Worx and Triton Submarines, whose machines have been featured in David Attenborough’s films.

Tech powerhouses like Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic are selling tickets to the space for $400,000. Similarly, deepsea submersible diving is quickly becoming a popular leisure sport among the world’s wealthy; however, U-Boat Worx sells subs rather than services.

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