Hyundai Has Developed A 90-Degree Rotating Wheel For EVs – Named The ‘E-Corner Module’

Hyundai Mobis developed a next-generation automobile wheel technology that is widely regarded as the foundation of urban transportation in the future. It allows for in-place rotation as well as 90-degree rotation parking. It’s also crucial to the formation of PBVs (Purpose Built Vehicles). 

The e-corner module, which combines the steering, braking, suspension, and driving systems into a wheel, was announced by Hyundai Mobis as a successful initiative. Digital “by-wire” control eliminates mechanical connections for these systems, allowing more design freedom and simplifying maintenance and repair.

By linking the steering wheel to a mechanical axis, this groundbreaking invention transforms the concept of an automobile. Furthermore, it is widely recognized as the core technology for smart city mobility in the future.

Hyundai Developed A 90-Degree EV Rotating Wheel, The ‘E-Corner Module’

In 2018, Hyundai Mobis indicated that it planned to finish developing the e-Corner Module by 2021. This week, the first fully functional prototypes were unveiled, paving the way for further testing and development. For the construction of a functional prototype, the ECU development required to regulate the multiple interconnected functions is essential.

The e-Corner Modules allow the car to rotate more than Hyundai intended, allowing it to “crab walk” sideways and turn in place for the entire 90 degrees. This technology will allow vehicles to park in far smaller locations. And if Hyundai combines the e-Corners with articulated robot legs, the vehicles will be more capable on and off the road.

The e-Corner will be used with electric vehicles, and according to Hyundai, Mobis is a major component of the PBVs that the company plans to deploy. The adaptable self-driving PBVs will do a wide range of mobility tasks.

Unlike other auto parts manufacturers that focus solely on certain parts, Hyundai Mobis can develop key vehicle components, including steering, braking, communication, and electrification, and the synergy between these components can be observed in the creation of the e-corner module.

By 2023, Hyundai Mobis will focus on developing a skateboard module for use with the e-Corners, before merging it with autonomous driving control technology and releasing it as a PBV mobility solution in 2025.  It also intends to offer e-Corner Modules to users who want to install them in their own vehicles, similar to what REE, an Israeli company, is doing.

In the video below, the e-Control Modules are seen in action along with background animations) on the M.Vision 2Go delivery vehicle idea.

Source: Hyundai Mobis

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