This Neuro Stimulator Claims It Can Burn 1000 Calories/Hour While You Sit On Your Couch


We all have wished to burn those sticky calories without ever lifting a finger. While almost all of us shrug this idea as possible only in the fiction, a product called the BionicGym pledges to do that in real! And no, it is not one of the corny electrical muscle stimulation devices, this one indeed works!

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BionicGym is an advanced wearable neurostimulator which claims to shed your excess weight by delivering sophisticated electric pulse patterns to your muscles. Device’s creator Dr. Louis Crowe thinks that his product is unique as it aims to induce the effect of exercise by mimicking shivering, which is the nature’s way of burning calories without any joint movement.

Picture Credits: Indiegogo

Crowe said that the idea came to him over 16 years ago when he observed in the cold Atlantic ocean that as he got cooler, more and more of his body started shivering at the same rate (about 7-8 Hz) rather than the rate increasing in some parts. He also realized that this was an efficient and natural way of burning calories which doesn’t involve any muscle tensions or movement of the joints, meaning a person can shed calories without actually doing anything.

The founder has launched a fundraising campaign for commercializing the device, and he wrote the following excerpt in its description,

“BionicGym exercises you at a high RQ [Respiratory Quotient]. Ordinarily this happens only at intense exercise levels and cannot be maintained for long.  It preferentially uses glucose/sugars as its energy source.  So probably better at removing belly fat; as you convert this metabolically more active fat to sugars,” Dr. Crowe writes in Indiegogo.  “I’ve even trained for a marathon with it – with no running, no pounding the joints.”


Picture Credits: Indiegogo

The product has caught on like wildfire, with people ordering the $300 contraption like hotcakes. Crowe’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign set a goal of $20,000 at the start, but it already has raised $350,000 with six days to go!

In a promotional video, Crowe displays a graph depicting that at peak levels, BionicGym can burn over 1100 calories per hour and gets your heart pumping around 180 bpm. This process is equivalent to running for around 9 miles in an hour and a half, which makes it truly incredible. Of course, this high level of shivering is a very tough workout and is only recommended for the experts. Beginners or older people can tone it down and shiver at levels equivalent to walking before making their way up to the tougher programs.

The creators estimate that the device will take about eight more months to complete, after which they would require approval by the regulators before starting the shipping. So we can hope to be sitting around and shedding weight as soon as November 2017. Let the over eating sequence commence!

Would you also get BionicGym? Or do you prefer the actual workout? Comment below!

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