The Snow Shovel Has Been Reinvented


It is that time of the year again when ruthless blizzards cover everything with the much inconvenient snow. While some may enjoy the challenge, it is needless to say that it takes a heavy toll on the life of inhabitants of these regions. This issue is particularly troublesome for the car-bound commuters who have to shovel their cars out the mountains of snow every morning.

This regular ordeal results in problems more severe than just causing morning inconvenience. In 2012, more than 34,000 people were reported to complain about medical issues related to snow removal. These problems range from back and shoulder ache to heart attacks and strokes. Usually, homeowners underestimate the physical labor required in shoveling the driveway clean, especially the less fit ones, leading to such medical issues.

Credits: snow wolf

A gadget called the Snow Wolf is here to make the chore less hazardous to life and limbs. The product is essentially a wheeled snow shovel, with a long handle and lever-like shovel attached to an easy to move wheel that works much like a lawnmower. It does not require the heavy-duty task of throwing the shovel back and forth.

The Wheeled Snow Shovel requires virtually no effort, as you just need to drive through the snow instead of twisting or lifting performed in the regular shoveling. The company claims it allows you to shovel 3x faster while clearing twice as much snow as a traditional snow shovel.

Credits: snow wolf

The shovel was given to the experts at the University of Massachusetts for an independent study, and the results declared that the wheeled shovel helped lower the risk of back injuries of users by a whopping 85 percent while reducing the overall physical exertion by 80 percent! The Snow Wolf’s $180 price does make it a lot more expensive than a standard snow shovel, but it is a small price to pay for your comfort, convenience, and well-being.

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