This NASA-Sponsored Researcher Says That It Could Be Possible To Change The Laws Of Physics

Mankind has had a very firm belief in the laws of physics for centuries, and a lot of theories proposed by the most renowned physicists like Albert Einstein, Newton, and J.J. Thomson are also supported by modern research. However, an astrophysics professor from the University of Rochester claims that it is not a big deal if we change the laws of physics. He says that since we have reached the Moon and Mars and civilization has seen the most sophisticated technology, it’s pretty much justifiable to think that we can also alter or reform the laws of physics as well.

NASA Sponsored Researcher Suggests It Might Be Possible to Change the Laws  of Physics

He was of the opinion that, no doubt, a lot of advancements have been made based on these laws, but as of now, our horizon has become encyclopedic and we have even tried to establish contact with aliens in other universes. Thus, we can also lay down our own laws of physics through our experiences. Adam Frank is also part of the NASA-sponsored Categorizing Atmospheric Technosignatures program, and he wrote, “The very nature of energy itself, with established rules like energy conservation, would be subject to revision within the scope of engineering.”

NASA Sponsored Researcher Suggests It Might Be Possible to Change the Laws  of Physics

From this saying, we can say that he wants to diverge his thinking in the upcoming research. According to Frank, the search for extraterrestrial civilizations has made us think outside the box and has broadened the level of our understanding as well. He went on to say that the alien civilizations that humans are on the verge of exploring can not rely on the existing laws of physics. In fact, they might not know about “our” laws and boundaries. They would come in their way and “could mix and match physical laws any way they saw fit.”

On the other hand, Frank accepts that we have come so far and these laws have helped us in exploring what we have achieved today, so it is also improbable to think of changing the laws of physics at this point. He said it can be a “fun” activity, at least if we can’t think seriously about this, as it might impose “severe limits on life and what it can do.”

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