This Mouthguard-Shaped Device Can Clean Your Teeth In Just 10 Seconds Using 35K Bristles


Nothing is more tedious than brushing your teeth. That is a fact, and there is no way to convince us differently. Brushing our teeth twice a day is recommended, for two minutes in the morning and two minutes before bed. Every year, that equates to 1,460 minutes, or a full 24 hours of painstaking tooth washing. Brushing with the Y-Brush is so completely different from how we’ve all been brushing our teeth since we were little.

Y-Brush, a French startup, has launched the “10-second toothbrush,” a mouthguard-shaped device. The concept is that it will clean your mouth in a fraction of the time that a regular brush would. The Y-Brush device, which was on display this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, contains 35,000 nylon bristles.

There’s a large and very hard button on the front of the holder, which is used to turn on the brush and adjust the power. This is surrounded by a ring of LED lights, helping you identify the brush intensity and the amount of charge the toothbrush has left when plugged in. The button isn’t massively intuitive, however, and really could have been done with some fine-tuning. When you place it in your mouth, the bristles vibrate over your teeth while you chew and spin the silicon tray within your mouth.

It’s available in adult and children’s sizes, and the company says it boasts three months of battery life. Users insert the device inside their mouth, turn it on, and let the thousands of bristles do their thing. After completing one set of teeth, the process is repeated with the other half. The gadget is already available for sale in France and can be shipped to the UK through Amazon for $89.99.


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