This Is The World’s Largest Eraser – And It Costs $100 While Weighing 5 Pounds


The radar is the largest in the S-10000 radar line and, most likely, the largest in the world. It is 200 times heavier than the normal radar S-60 eraser, weighing 2,285 grams. However, because they are both composed of the same material, the erasing performance is the same. The Radar S-10000 eraser is the largest, if not the largest, commercially available eraser, measuring 276 x 141 x 43 mm and weighing more than 2.2 kg (5 lb).

Building such a large eraser presents a lot of obstacles, as heating the material in such a thick layer is challenging, but Seid did it, and the business claims that the S-10000 will perform just as well as its smaller radar devices.

Radar, Seid’s most popular product line, was released in 1968 and soon became a hit in the Japanese market. Despite its premium price range of 20–50 yen, at a time when 10-yen erasers were the norm, the silky texture and excellent erasing ability of the Radar made it a commercial success. Since then, the Radar brand has grown in popularity, with erasers of various shapes and sizes available, including a massive 2,285-gram slab.

The first Radar S-10000 was meant to be a one-time-only item, a prize for the company’s annual “Eraser Quick Eraser Contest,” hosted at its flagship store. The prize, however, was so enthusiastically welcomed by fans that Seid decided to make it a commercially available commodity.

The S-10000 eraser can be bought on amazon.


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