This Modular Guitar Allows The Player To Change Tone Within Seconds

Ian Reddick has been building guitars since 2013. What started as a hobby, became his lifelong passion and goal to provide musicians with a fully customizable guitar that would easily be collapsible enough to carry on a plane and assemble back into shape without any complicated tools. In 2018, he came up with the Mercury Modular guitar that could be broken down into different parts and crammed into a small suitcase for easy air-traveling, making it easier for musicians to carry their instruments with them anywhere they go without compromising on a lower quality guitar or paying extra to give the guitar its own seat on the airplane.

Taking his design one step further, Reddick has now built another pro version of the guitar and now you can swap out pickup blocks on the go. The Voyager is the pro guitar that gives musicians two different modular options to try and test what suits them best. Firstly, you can easily pop out the pickup block and add another without using any tools. Each module contains a 12 pin magnetic connector that plugs into the onboard electronics when the hardwood block is pushed into the gap between the bridge and top of the fingerboard.

Similarly, there’s also the option to change the controls along with swapping the pickup modules but you might need some external help from a tool to change these as they are secured in place with D-ring thumbscrews. There are different control blocks with 5 way blade switches or 3 position toggles and different pot layouts. Breaking out different melodies on one guitar has never been easier!

The Voyager is on pre-sale right now at $2,199.99 and comes with two pickup modules. If you want to purchase more pickup modules, their price starts at $199.99 depending upon the configuration. You can also choose from three different wood options which include ash, walnut and cherry.

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