These ‘Holoswim’ Goggles Can Show Swimming Data To Athletes Wearing Them


Swimming is one of the activities when monitoring a smartwatch can sometimes be very inconvenient. This has led to the market being reached by a variety of performance tracking glasses. One of the most recent, known as Holoswim, is now available on Kickstarter.   

The Holoswim goggles use augmented fact technological innovation to display screen the handiest swimming and efficiency metrics straight in entrance of your eyes even underwater.

The Holoswim is developed by Hong Kong startup Guangli and comprises a regular set of swim goggles and a water-resistant electrical module on one side, along with an iOS/Android application on the smartphone. It has transformed the underwater environment by acquiring visual lenses and real-time exercise data, providing swimming with a new and engaging experience.

Users begin by developing a training regimen to follow using the dedicated app. Following that, an IMU (inertial measuring unit) in the goggles’ module tracks their movements and provide them with general performance metrics while swimming.

As a result, an OLED holographic display may present real-time data such as total distance swam, number of strokes, number of laps, 100-meter stroke pace, and total runtime in a module side lens. By pressing a physical module pushbutton, users can switch between the displays. In addition, they can also check their performance on the app after each training session.

Furthermore, because the goggles are Bluetooth-connected to the customer’s poolside phone, the display alerts him of incoming calls. This feature works for 5 metres (16 ft) only if the goggles are underwater. But, of course, in order to take the call, the user still has to go to their phone.  

Guangli claims that a single charge of the module’s lithium battery should provide more than 10 hours of runtime. The goggles alone are said to weigh 75 grams (2.6 oz) with the module.

If you’re interested, a pledge of US$89 will get you one pair of Holoswim goggles. If they make it to production, their retail price will be $149. In the video below, you can see them in action.

Source: Kickstater


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