This Missile Shooting Tank Killer Is Now For Sale For $36,000

striker missile shooter

A Nova Scotia man has decided to sell his British Army anti-tank guided missile carrier for a very low price of $36000. It cannot actually fire any missiles since it was stripped off of the capability to fire missiles but can still scare the tanks away. The vehicle is an Alvis FV102 Striker that served in British Army as an anti-tank guided missile carrier for almost twenty years from 1977 to 1996 before being retired from service.

Strikers were part of the UK’s heavy armored forces that provide long-range anti-tank firepower. Each Striker carried five Swingfire anti-tank missiles in the ready to fire position. They have a range of up to 4000 meters. Strikers were equipped with a remotely operated sighting system which allowed the vehicles to hide behind cover while still engaging with the enemy.

The Striker has 69000 miles on it but it also has a new Jaguar gasoline engine in it. Steven Philpitt, the owner, said, “it will easily do over 40 mph.” It is a four-door, nine-ton vehicle but not exactly a family-friendly car. It has seating for only three persons. The driver, commander, and missile operator. The Striker has been demilitarized and stripped of all the weapons. The Swingfire launcher can still elevate and smoke dischargers are also present. The Striker comes with Swingfire training missiles which look like the real thing but have blue tips to show that they are unable to blow any tanks anymore.

The 7.62-millimeter GPMG machine gun with 3000 rounds of ammunition is also not present in the Striker. Philpitt said that he has driven Striker over two cars and through two sheds. The Striker can now be bought for $48000 Canadian and $36000 US. Apart from the money, you will also need a controlled goods license to own the Striker.

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