Google Classroom Will Now Help Connect Teachers And Students

google classroom

Google has launched many interesting features to facilitate its users. The company is bringing another innovation and is introducing a new feature called Google Classroom which aims to help teachers organize academic courses and connect with students for better understanding and communication of the subject.

Recently, Google Earth had a new feature, which helps the users to measure the distance between any two points on the planet. Google has now introduced 12 updates on its platform which are all meant to make easier for educators and learners to connect on an online platform whether they are in or outside the school. The innovative feature is named Google Classroom.

The service is a free-web, non-profit service for students, teachers and anyone else having a Google account. It also helps educators to create, distribute, and grade assignments. An interesting feature is that in Google Classroom, a built-in feature will stop students from looking for the answers to the assigned questions online. Google gave a statement saying, With all these new features, we hope that students, teachers, administrators, and developers will have a happy and productive return to school and work in the new year.”

Google is also adding new pages to the Classroom and new tools to facilitate the educators. In the coming months, the Classwork page is also expected to roll out. Bram Bout of Google For Education said in a blog post, which lets teachers organize assignments and questions by grouping them into modules and units.” Another tool which will be launched is a People page to give educators a single location to manage students, co-teachers, guardians and also the settings. Google explained, where teachers can add a class description, change the course code, and control overall Classroom settings.”

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