This Mini V8 Engine Has Been Build Using Lego And Works Using Compressed Air

Working LEGO V8 pneumatic Engine

If you’re determined enough and if you love LEGO then even you can attempt making something like this. However, we doubt it will be as good as this hand crafted engine that has been built from LEGO. Oh and before you start boasting about how you can build one; it is a functional LEGO V8 pneumatic Engine. Yeah, good luck trying to beat that!Working LEGO V8 pneumatic Engine

LEGO V8 pneumatic Engine. LPE  HIGH RPM 2
Pneumatic V8 Engine Build
The creation sure looks amazing and must have required immense mechanical knowledge along with the dedication to work on a project like this. Check out the video below and let us know what you think of this amazing DIY project.

Whoa, mind blown! The firing up and sound of revving was amazing!!



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