Wonderful Engineering

This Microchip Carries Hundreds of Doses and Releases Medicine At The Right Time

Medicinal Doses and their careful timing have been a dilemma for many patients around the world. Some are forgetful while others are lethargic and non-serious about their usage. This is a severe issue in our society as these drugs, if not taken at the right time, can hardly fight the disease they are supposed to fight. Microchip Biotech, a new company from MIT’s pool of tech-savvy engineers, might just have solved this problem!

They have created a microchip that can store hundreds of doses of prescribed medicine and automatically inject them at the right interval. The drugs are stored in individual reservoirs, and each of them is covered with a metallic membrane. When you want to inject a certain dose from its storage, an automated system generates an electrical impulse that releases the dose into the bloodstream. The chip doesn’t need to be taken out and programmed as it can be done so remotely by either doctor or patient.

The main beneficiaries of this chip would be the chronic patients of diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis and sclerosis. They won’t have to take an injection or pill every now and then. The microchip can take care of that with minimal extra cost. It is also being developed to be used by contraceptive medicine. The technology is knocking at the doors of mainstream medication, but certain bureaucratic processes are lying in the way.

Food and Drug Administration of America (FDA) hasn’t yet given its approval for such CHIPS. But it is hoped that it will be approved in the coming days, and patients’ lives will be improved.