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FlexDex Surgical, Redefining The Essence of Robotic Surgery

Robotic-assisted surgery allows doctors to perform minimally invasive procedures with more precision, flexibility and control. The downside of robotics is the systems bulky form factor, complexity to use and multi-million dollar price tag. The FlexDex Surgical has come up with the state-of-the-art purely mechanical design for surgical tools that can deliver robotic-like performance. In the long run, this innovative platform has the potential to revolutionize the entire industry.

Image Source: FlexDex


FlexDex released a short video demonstrating how the system works. You can watch this video below:


Image Source: FlexDex


Shorya Awtar et al. came up with a few genius mechanical designs at the Precision Systems Design Lab of the University of Michigan. The laparoscopic system utilizes the concept of a “virtual center” to relay the wrist motion to the instrument mounted on the tip of a shaft. The technology was then launched via a startup named FlexDex Surgical with co-founders Dr. James Geiger and Greg Bowles.

This “virtual center” design also includes a unique three-axis gimbal that clicks-on to the users’ wrist band and an infinity handle to ensure efficiency and enhanced motor control of the instrument. The real brilliance of the design, as described by surgeons who have tried the device at various medical device events, lies in how the movement is very natural.

Image Source: FlexDex


Understanding the capability of this design is better facilitated by visiting the company’s website (www.flexdexsurgical.com) and viewing the many videos posted there. The easy to use nature of the platform makes for anticipated quick learning. The company has hired an ISO certified contract manufacturer for the production of the first product line this fall.

Currently, the design of FlexDex is disposable. However, the team is working on a new laparoscopic tool that will be reusable. FlexDex holds a lot of promise and bids a new hope for the minimally invasive surgical industry.

The easy to use nature of the platform makes for quick learning, and the users could be trained to use the agile and robust laparoscopic system in no time. You can see the video showing a novice suturing efficiently following a short training.