This Massive Car Pileup In China After An Accident Will Freak You Out

Car pileup China2

China is the economical hub of the world with much of the industrial production being carried out in its own backyard. The average lives of the Chinese people have improved vastly and many hardworking ones have gone on to become rich and successful. But all this industrial progress and huge numbers have made life difficult for locals as well. It is also noted for its poor road traffic sense and as a result, more than 200,000 people die ever year in China in road accidents. Poor enforcement of traffic laws and urban residential boom are the prime factors behind this insane number of fatalities that is four times the population of all of Greenland.

Here you can see videos of a road pileup that consists of more than 20 vehicles. Prepare to be dumbstruck!

The accident coincided with the national holiday of Qingming in which the Chinese Buddhists sweep their ancestors’ graves, clean it and offer homage to them. Since the roads are jam-packed, everybody is in a rush to do this duty and accidents happen. Miraculously, only two people were killed in this massive chain-reaction of a crash according to Chinese sources. Who else can believe this figure? Chinese have a history of hiding disturbing stats.

Car pileup China

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