The Super-Slim Universal Spanner with Interchangeable Wrenches That Can Fit Your Pocket

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Normally when repairing your car or working in the garage, you have to carry around the whole toolbox of wrenches and spanners around with you wherever you go. All of the 15 or so sizes of spanners are important in one job or another so what if we had an extremely thin universal spanner that could easily fit your pocket, and its attachments are so small that the other pocket is enough to carry all of them at the same time? Here is the WRENCHit multi-tool spanner that has every size you will ever need, and you can change the attachment in one swift motion, and therefore you won’t have to screw or unscrew it every time you need a change of size.

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We have already seen another stellar design from the creators of WRENCHit in the shape of Tool Pen, a handy tool that managed to incorporate screwdriver heads into an innovative compact design. Continuing with this amazing process,┬áSUS 420 stainless steel has been used to make the WRENCHit, and it is as durable as it is innovative. It can carry up to five wrench heads at one time and can support fifteen common wrench sizes in all. The size of the attachment is also engraved on the tool so that you don’t have to try it on every time to find out which one you need.


The amazing thing about WRENCHit is its lightweight appearance while being incredibly solid at the same time. It can not only be used for tightening and loosening bolts but also with different appliances and gadgets. Now you can carry a whole toolbox full of wrenches in your pocket.

The WRENCHit is available on Kickstarter for 30$ for a bike set and 38$ for a complete set. So, hurry up if you want to preorder one and make your life easy as the project is going to close in a few weeks and it has already raised more than 114,000$ on a 10,000 $ goal. Now you won’t ever have to fool around with wrenches and spanners during your work! This is one revolutionary tool, people!

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