This Man In Los Angeles Has Been Livestreaming His Room 24/7 Since 2021 Started

Most of us are already tired of quarantining and isolating ourselves, but this man has entirely different spirits to it.

34-year-old Tim C Inzana has been live streaming 24/7 from a locked room in Los Angeles and plans to continue this for the rest of 2021. He plans on extending his stay in the room for another five years while continuing his livestream for the viewers, given if he gets the desired funding for his one-of-a-kind deal.

For now, the artist from Los Angeles is streaming for free on Twitch and is in search of people to shell out $5 million for his five years-long stay in the very same room that he has taken refuge in. His stay could extend to an entire decade in case if he gets $10 million for his efforts, making it that he is just asking for $1 million for each year’s continuous 24/7 live stream.

“The artwork is me creating the artwork; it would be like seeing a blank space transform into this colorful space,” Inzana told Insider Magazine. “I don’t know exactly what I’m doing, being honest. There are elements of me just following hunches and wanting to make the world a better place.”

For the last 100 days, the guy has been sitting in front of his computer interacting with his viewers, and for the rest of the time at night, you can see him sleeping in his room. To ensure the viewers and funders of his stay in the room is legit, he will stay in front of the camera for the whole period. Only if he hasn’t made a look-alike mannequin and actually goes out to roam the world in nights, the kind of doubt we all would have from such a commitment.

Tim spent months preparing his one-room sanctuary. Before committing to such a challenge, he took on board his friends and family, and his other half brings him with all the things he needs and gives those to him through his room window.

Besides his $5 to $10 million funding, the guy has a plan that says if he gets more than 7000 live viewers, he still will keep himself isolated from the world. His only condition is that the number doesn’t fall from that count throughout his stay. He has 102 subscribers and is still has a long way to reach his goal of viewers in thousands.

The time will tell how long does the guy stay in his room. However, seeing the kind of commitment he has to his goals, he might make a world record even if he gives up a bit early.

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