Frightening Mystery Tree-Beast In Poland Turns Out To Be A Croissant

In Krakow, Poland, residents of a neighborhood lived through utmost fright for almost two days after having witnessed an unidentifiable and frightening creature stuck in a tree, which caused them to shut their windows and stay put in their houses.

Reports from BBC revealed that “people aren’t opening their windows because they’re afraid it will go into their house,” as recalled by a local woman.

The alleged mystery creature spent two days in the tree, much to the residents’ distress, before the Krakow Animal Welfare Society was notified for help. Having been referred to as an unidentifiable “iguana” looking creature, the inspectors came in searches of it, not sure what to expect.

However, what awaited them was an unwanted, headless croissant rather than a headless iguana – probably thrown out by someone for bird’s animal feeding or sadly might even have been accidentally dropped by someone depriving the victim of a good puffy breakfast. 

Although reportedly, the inspectors highly suspected that a reptile could have been found out in cool April weather in Poland however not wanting to leave anything to doubt, they made sure to respond to the call for help.

Remarkably, the organization did not miss the humor in the situation yet also took this as an opportunity to remind the citizens via their Facebook page to continue to report to the authorities in case of such mysterious and potentially harmful sightings in the future – even if that means more croissant rescues in the future, in the name of caution.

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