This Man Has Been Making Money By Admitting To Other People’s Driving Offences

In a bizarre incident, an unnamed Armenian man has been allegedly arrested by Spanish authorities against the accusation of owning up to the driving offenses of around 100 people in exchange for money. Before plunging into the context of the story, you should be aware that most countries in Europe use a point system in order to punish traffic violators. There are 12 points for professional drivers and 3 points for beginners, and with every infringement, they lose the points on their driving license. An example of it can be seen in the fact that by using a mobile phone while driving in the EU, you can lose up to 3 points along with the liability of a heavy fine.

Now, coming to the incident, this Armenian man was also running an online business in which he advertised his illegal services. It has been reported by the Civil Guard of the Balearic Islands in Spain that he was charging around 75-200 euros for each point deduction from the second party’s driving license. The incident happened in the middle of 2021 when the traffic police asked the passing motorist to stop for a “breathalyzer test”. However, the motorist disregarded the instructions and ran away. On his way, he also committed a series of different violations. Fortunately, the traffic police standing there wrote down the registration number of the bike for further proceedings in the case.

When contacted, an Armenian man appeared out of nowhere, claiming to be the offender of the recent incident. At first, it seemed a bit bizarre to the police, but they acknowledged it, and when they asked for his driving license, it was found that he had no motorcycle driving license or any valid points. Not only this, but upon investigation, it was found that this Armenian man was not even present in the Mallorca region when these crimes were enacted.

Hence, the details alerted the police officers, and they started the investigation in detail. Later, it was found that the man had been involved as the acceptor of different traffic violations and had been making money on this basis. Finally, the man accepted the allegations as the police had solid proof against him. Not only this, he also said that the purpose behind doing this was to allure offenders about saving the points on their licenses, and as a result, they gave him money for taking the charges on himself. It was further revealed that the man had a point tally of -321 on his license and all of this was due to his illegal services.

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