The Space Force Has Unveiled Its “Official Song” – And They Are Getting Roasted For It

Space Force is being criticized for their new song and here is why. The theme starts with a little “Lord of the Rings” beginning, which refers to the Space Force as our “mighty watchful eye.” Taking quite a leap, the song then calls its service people “Guardians,” which is always pretty hard to let go of without realizing the room for satire in it.

While no one has anything against the line about the Force “standing guard both night and day,” you are forced to think: isn’t that essentially the job of the military? And in space, isn’t the line between day and night a bit blurred, due to variation in orbits?

Considering their unique job description, peoeple would have loved to see the Space Force do something unique, fun, and out of the box. Those behind “Semper Supra”, however, appeared to be giving their best with the material that they were given.

“I became familiar with the other branches’ songs, but I wanted this one to have its own modern spin to reflect what the Space Force is,” chief musician Sean Nelson, U.S. Coast Guard Band trombonist and staff arranger, said in a Space Force press release, “modern, new and very advanced.”

We certainly appreciate them for the effort they put in, but we’re not getting a “modern, new, and very advanced” outlook from “Semper Supra.” Nevertheless, the song actually reflects Space Force’s energy quite in its true essence: it could be better, but for some reason, it just isn’t.

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