This Man Got His Airplane Ripped Apart By A Bear At A Remote Location. What He Did Next Is Truly Amazing

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There are a lot of worse case scenarios involving airplanes. The first that come to mind are crashes and emergency landings. But what if an airplane was attacked by a bear in the middle of nowhere?

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Well this is exactly what happened with Luke Miller. The 28-year-old decided to go on a fishing trip into the most remote wilderness of Alaska, a place that can only be reached by air. Upon returning from fishing with the bounty of the day, Miller saw that his plane had been severely damaged. Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that a bear had mauled the small aircraft and left it with huge holes in the side and tail, two flat tires, and scratches everywhere else. What caused the bear to do this is still unclear as Miller says that the icebox inside the plane that contained fish was airtight and could not have attracted the bear.

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Most people would have panicked in this situation, but the pilot maintained his calm and radioed a fellow pilot to bring him new tires, cellophane sheets and 3 cases of duct tape. Miller first patched up the small holes by covering them with duct tape, then made a lattice of cellophane and duct tape over the larger holes. This lattice became the base for multiple layers of duct tape used in a cross-hatch pattern which was not only air tight but tough as well.

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With a repaired fuselage, Miller was able to fly the plane back to his home in Anchorage. Apparently, he did not face the slightest problem in flying his unconventionally repaired plane. It just goes to show, with a cool head and a little engineering, we can fix almost anything using whatever resources we can find.

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  1. Al-ameen Reply

    Bears like to eat fish and can smell anything on the same land they are (I don’t know how far in miles they can do that). So I am very sure the fishes in the plane must have attracted the bear.

  2. Dr.R. Clavan Reply

    Austin, Texas, police department would have given him a ticket for flying without a visible registration on the fuselage.

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