This Luxury Mega Yacht Has Two Tilting Masts To Help Navigate Bridges

Today, we are talking about this luxury superyacht that has been designed by California-based designer, Steve Kozloff. This exceptionally beautiful trimaran swings into action under a new approach named “Epiphany”. It should be noted that this 178-foot trimaran falls under the category of one of the most renowned superyachts and is an inclusion in Kozloff’s Goliath series. One of the most intriguing things to consider regarding this superyacht is that it comes with two tilting masts that have now given it direct access to a lot more locations, including the Panama Canal, San Francisco, San Diego, etc. And all this has been made possible due to the retractable nature of these masts.

Hence, this is considered as one of the most ambitious and critical projects with a futuristic approach. Not to mention, these free-standing masts have the capability to tilt to about 70 degrees forward and in this way, they can make the yacht able to minimize the air drafts from 145.5 feet to 92 feet. Due to this, the yacht can now easily pass through the bridges and hence, its motion becomes smoother and more efficient. Moreover, there are large windows mounted in the interior of the yacht that adds to its beauty because of the thrilling views that these windows give. One can take a whole 360-degree view of the entire location by standing beside these fascinating windows.

Coupled with this, this superyacht consists of two master suites in the cross beams of the interior and a 700-ft owner’s suite. Furthermore, this luxurious trimaran can house around twelve guests and eight crew members for the cabin as well. In addition to this, the upper deck of the yacht is better said to be an entertainment area where fun activities of sorts like piano are there. Also, to get spectacular views of the landscape, the designer has elevated the area from the piano bar so that the guests can enjoy the notes in a fully luxurious, and grandiose environment.

To that end, there are also four self-inflating lifeboats deployed on the yacht so that in the case of any emergency situation, the guests can easily take preventive measures on time and save themselves. It should be noted that the yacht is capable of cruising at a speed of 10kts (11.5 mph / 18.5 kph) for 4800 nautical miles and that too under diesel power. But you can increase its range by working on its hybrid-diesel electric system, as per Kozloff.

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