This Looks Like A Great Dirty Boulder? You Won’t Believe What This Really Is


We all have seen in the movies how rocks, trees, and even whole landscapes are artificially created to carry out espionage in enemy territory. But imagine for a second that you are walking on a deserted snowy landscape, and you encounter large boulders in your proximity.

Here is one of them.


Seems like an ordinary stone you kick at when frustrated.


But there is an opening at the back. Must be an illusion.


But behold, it’s a fully designed cabin that is meant for actual living.


Bureau A came up with this boulder-cabin and named it Antoine. The interesting part is that they are willing to let anybody live here. As long as they take as they are willing to take a risk!


The project was undertaken by Bureau A in order to make hidden living quarters for a person amidst the wilderness of the Alps. It is a shelter where anyone willing can hide from the rest of the artificial world and live reclusively for a while. It has a fireplace, a bed, a stool and a window for enjoying the scenery.


The visitor can live free, but at his own risk because the rock has been placed close to a rock sliding area. It was done to naturalize the shelter with the surroundings.


It might not have the comforts of hotels or room for a family escapade, but it does count as an alpine architectural art piece,  doesn’t it?


The shelter was covered with faux boulder element to imitate the rock surroundings. Following was the final shape before the element was added:


Take a look at the video of its inception:


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