This Is Probably The Coolest Way You Can Sell Your House


And then they say Real Estate is a boring sector. This Dutch company has come up with the most innovative way to show their houses to prospective clients. They have installed a makeshift roller coaster ride through the house. The ride is fun to experience complete with slow rises and sudden falls. Through this whirlwind tour of the house, the company hopes to achieve a better soliciting culture in the real estate business.



The track is made of wooden planks and steel pipes that are already used in construction. It can be easily dismantled and carried anywhere. The ride begins with a little push and an immediate drop to the garage. From here, different parts of the ground floor are shown after going up a staircase. A tour of the bedrooms, living room and kitchen follow. After that, we experience the biggest drop of the joyride before it ends eventfully in the garden.


It is a nice way to experience the features of the house and having some fun in between. But how the company will be able to install and decommission such rails at each house isn’t yet fully understood.


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