This Logic Puzzle Will Leave You Scratching Your Head


Only 38 percent of the people have been able to solve this latest brainteaser!

A puzzle uploaded by Puzzlefizzy on the Brilliant website has stumped the internet. So can you solve it?

And hey! No peeking into the answer at the end until you have given it your best shot!

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Here we go:

[Image Courtesy of Puzzlefizzy Is awesome/Brilliant]
[Image Courtesy of Puzzlefizzy Is awesome/Brilliant]
You can see three boxes above. And each of them has three statements written below. A car is placed inside one of the boxes, and only one of the statements is true. You have to determine which box holds the car using the statements.

Remember, only one statement can hold true!


Is the car in box one? No. We need only one statement to be true, and this occurrence would make both the statements one and three to be correct.

Can it be box three? No. The statements in boxes two and three would be true if the car were in box three, so it can’t be there.

So, box two it is! This would mean that only the statement below box three would be true, thus fulfilling our requirements.

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  1. Omar Elazhary Reply

    Actually, there is an error in your solution. If statement 2 is correct, that means it is either in box 1 (i.e. statement 1 is correct as well) or it is in box 3 (i.e. statement 3 is correct as well). The first statement under box 1 is correct, because it invalidates the other 2 statements, which is where the error in your solution lies. You assume that statement 1 also lends credence to statement 3, although both are completely contradictory.

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