This Light Bulb Lights Up Whenever There Is A Breakup Happening On The Internet

Do you have a hidden fear? Or you keep a list of things you hate? Or any event that just freaks you out! Well, this Japanese YouTuber gives you a way to sense any such thing happening around, and it’s a little bizarre thing you’ll be coming across today.

Marina Fujiwara has designed a system in which a bulb lights up whenever social media pops up with a breakup post, totally expressing her hate for happy couples. We do understand it is a difficult job for singles to see the happy couples during holidays but that doesn’t mean we start enjoying the breakups! But this lady feels otherwise and has provided a way for all singles out there to express their feelings in a little technological way. She thinks this will make her and all similar ones around happy and satisfied.

Sharing about the device, she tweets that the connection is achieved via a ‘bridge’ that detects any post having the keyword breakup or parted in it, and then the signal is sent to the bulb to turn on. On her end, she controls the brightness of the bulb using an app.

In her own words, “I really hate Christmas. It’s not a light joke like ‘Christmas or perish’, but I really don’t like it, I want to celebrate Christmas. But when you see a couple in the world going on a Christmas date and doing something like that, I am attacked by a huge sense of loneliness.”

Her feelings completely justify the act though!

Referring to her device as the breakup light, she sheds light on her observation. Whenever any similar incident happens around, the couples promptly change their descriptions to ‘parted’ and that is the key to the signal generated. Her invention senses any such hashtag and then, the bulb lights up.

All the single ones here, don’t rush to the store, because you won’t find anything there. Her crazy project isn’t available commercially. But it definitely does give an idea to all of you how you can get alerted when any breakup happens around the globe. Or you might design a similar one to assist you to keep a track of anything event you wish to monitor. Indeed, it’s a notification that doesn’t pop up on your screen, rather without creating any sound, it makes you attentive.

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