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This Jet Powered Super Bike Is Set The Become The Fastest Two Wheeler On Earth

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Two-wheelers present particular design challenges that prevent them for incorporating powerful engines required for high speeds. But, this crazy bike named Jet Reaction is one exception that has a current top speed of 376 miles per hour and the Oxford engineer behind this believes it can achieve 450 Km/h. It is a jet powered bike that has everything especially designed for its peculiar requirements.

The design of the Jet Reaction is less like a bike and more like the half-cut piece of a pod racer. There is a central chassis (A fuselage rather) that runs through the entirety of the vehicle. It is aerodynamically well set, and this streamlined appearance will help it in breaking all the records it is vying for right now. It will undergo some tests in Wales from May 23-25.

This potential fastest bike cost around 100,000$ to build and Richard Brown, the Oxford engineer behind this crazy project will also drive it in the record-breaking runs. The project took four years from its inception to reach this level, and Brown hopes that the land record for two wheelers is well within the grasp of Jet Reaction. The current record for bikes stands at 377 miles per hour and by extending it to 450 miles, he may write his name in the Guinness Book record for quite some time.

The record-smashing attempt will be done at Salt Flats, Utah, US by the end of September. Brown is no stranger to this kind of promotion and stage as he has been in the fastest bike industry for 20 years so far. In 1999, his bike Mach 3 managed to reach 332 mph, and now he is sure he can exceed it. With the machine that he boasts right now, there will be no surprises if he does.

The Jet Reaction is 6 meters long and, weighs 560Kg and has a 1250 hp engine. The computational fluid analysis that the vehicle needs has predicted that the structure will hold for higher speeds as well. But, what about 450 mph? Well, you must see it for yourself at the end of September! I can’t wait, can you?

Have a look at the video of Jet Reaction below:

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