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This Country Is Planning To Give Free Electric Motorcycles To All Current Motorcycle Riders

Uganda Plans To Give Free Electric Motorcycles To All Current Motorcycle Riders

The debate about EV tax credits has been ongoing for some time while other countries continue to assess their electrification plans. Uganda is taking a risk, with President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni announcing that the government will provide electric motorcycles to individuals who currently ride ICE-powered motorcycles.

According to the announcement, the government will not have to fund the massive program. Instead, there will be capital investors.

“We have agreed with some investors to take away the petrol ones and give the owners the electric ones. This swap will save motorcycle operators 50% of the cost,” Museveni said.

According to sources, those investors will be granted licenses to operate charging and battery swap stations, which will be used to repay their investment.

The electric motorcycles are Ugandan-made models that typically sell for roughly 5 million Ugandan Shillings (US $1,350). They’re frequently utilized by boda bodas and motorcycle taxis popular throughout Africa.

Many African countries have tried to electrify their massive motorcycle fleets, but Uganda’s decision is the largest effort to replace all ICE-powered motorcycles in a country.

In addition to their obvious environmental benefits, electric motorcycles are predicted to benefit independent motorcycle taxi services by lowering operating costs. However, motorcycles are designed for urban use and have a limited range. A single charge provides around 70 km (43 miles) of range.

The motorcycles depend on a network of battery swap stations and recharge stations. In Kampala, the country’s capital, businesses like Zembo operate more than a dozen charging and swap stations.

According to Museveni, other electric vehicles would also be given incentives to promote quick electrification.

“We are working on plans to shift to electric buses, electric cars, and electric motorcycles. The shift in transport vehicles is not only in respect of motorcycles. It also involves the buses, cars, mini-buses, pick-ups, etc.”

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