This Japanese Hyper-Realistic Human Mouth Coin Purse Is Eerily Creepy

Japanese Artist Created A Hyper-Realistic Human Mouth Coin Purse

An amateur Japanese artist has brought the phrase ‘to put your money where your mouth is’ to life by creating a coin purse that is shaped like a human mouth. The said coin purse is ultra-realistic and features a stubble beard, pink lips that are soft to touch, and even realistic gums and teeth.

Japanese Artist Created A Hyper-Realistic Human Mouth Coin Purse

The coin purse has been created by the Japanese music producer and amateur artist ‘Doooo’. It is one of the freakiest things you will ever set your gaze upon. It does more than just look like the bottom half of a man’s face; it actually opens like a human mouth as well. Once the coin purse is opened, you can see the hyper-realistic teeth and pink and seemingly wet gums. If we had to try and describe it, it resembles the fake flesh of a highly advanced android.

Doooo took the veils off his amazing and bizarre coin purse on June 1st. He showed it to his fans via a Twitter video that was short and became viral almost immediately. The video clip has more than twelve million views and is raking up more views as you read this. The Japanese artist hasn’t provided many details about his project and says that he worked on it for two months.

Japanese Artist Created A Hyper-Realistic Human Mouth Coin Purse

When asked about the process and materials that he used for creating the coin purse, Doooo said that it was a ‘secret’. Furthermore, he has stated that it is one of a kind project and he has no plans of commercializing it. However, if he did; the purse would cost quite a lot because of the level of detail. You’d be surprised to know that this is not the first time that Dooo has created a fake human flesh project.

Back in February, the amateur artist also showed a hyper-realistic human finger that you could also use as a stamp. We can’t wait to see what this creative artist comes up with next!

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