This Japanese Company Has Created Smart Eyeglasses That Cure Both Myopia And Hyperopia

Japanese smart eyewear company Vixion has revealed glasses that can help with both myopia and hyperopia.

Earlier, to manage both conditions, you had to have two pairs of prescription glasses. It was not an easy task to manage.

IT meets the need of an increasing number of people dealing with shortsightedness or farsightedness later on in life and with Japan’s fast-aging population, it is going to be a very useful innovation.

Japanese Firm Develops Myopia-Treating Smart Glasses | IE

It is a little difficult to understand the working of the MWF eyeglasses due to the language barrier and limited information online. They rely on a built-in sensor to figure out what the wearer is looking at, and adjust the focus of the lenses, accordingly, helping them see clearly at virtually any distance.

The first time a person puts on the MWF eyeglasses, they need to manually calibrate them by turning a dial built into the frame. Once that’s done, whenever the viewer changes the viewing direction, the glasses can figure out what the wearer is looking at and adjust the focus of the lenses.

A Japanese reporter recently tested the MWF eyeglasses and reported that they work as intended, It is yet to be found out how long it takes for the eyeglasses to pick up what you’re looking at and change focus.

 People have to wait before it is commercially available.  

Interestingly, another Japanese company has developed a pair of smart glasses that can allegedly cure myopia.

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