This Is What Would Have Happened If The Earth Were Twice As Big

What If the Earth were Twice as Big_Image 1

Though the scientists and astronomers are hard at work as they search for other life in the universe, thus far, we know that the Earth is the only planet that contains life. It is the very positioning of the Earth and its shape that allows life to prosper.

The researchers and theorists like to toy around with different possibilities of what our solar system or the Earth could have been like and the impact of such changes on the life on Earth. “Life Noggin” will walk you through the idea of the Earth twice as big and will discuss its impact on your life in the video below:



For starters, your weight will double (as if you do not already have enough fitness woes in your life), the California Redwood trees would lose their majestic beauty, our bones will collapse, and we will tire more quickly!

Credits: Youtube
Credits: Youtube


I think, I  am quite happy with the current size of the Earth and hope it remains as such.



  1. James Smith Reply

    The world twice as big? It’s the same old arrogant stupidity. “Life as we know it.” Life takes countless forms even on the earth today. If the world were twice as big we would have evolved differently. Most of the life on earth, insects microbes, are barely aware of gravity anyway. WHat an ignorant waste of time that bit is.

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