This Granny’s Politest Google Search Is The Cutest thing You Will See Today

granny polite google search3

The way we treat Google search engine is pretty harsh mostly. Search this search that, do this and do that. If Google had any bit of dignity, it would have gotten out and punched us right in the nose, and it will probably be able to do it in the coming years, and we will have to act all polite around it! Now old people don’t always understand technology very well, and since they were born in more civilized times than ours, they are very polite about it. This 86-year-old granny is such a person and here is what she searched on Google:

granny polite google search3

It is the cutest thing I have seen in a while, and it really made my day. The picture of the search was shared by her grandson 25-year-old Ben John, who was around for doing his laundry when he looked at the search and was delighted to see the polite search. After he had uploaded it on social media, the post instantly became viral, and many people responded heavily reserving admiration and respect for her.

granny polite google search2

granny polite google search6

granny polite google search7

Now what she actually wanted to do was to find out the year of a TV programme. Since many TV programs still use the Roman numerals to show it and just like most of us, she doesn’t know how to translate an absurdly large Roman number, so she Googled it.
granny polite google search4

Not the post became so famous that Google UK’s official Twitter account responded to her kind request and translated it to her via a Tweet. It was 1998! God, who knew?

granny polite google search

So, who says kindness, compassion, and a little old-school manners don’t have a place in the modern world? The granny is famous and all sorts of channels are trying to land her interview!


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