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This Is What Would Happen To Earth if All Humans Are Gone In An Instant

Earth without humans

Have you wondered this? Not many times I am sure since it involves you dying or leaving the planet and the latter isn’t possible at the moment. But nevertheless, it is an interesting thing to simulate if it were to happen. Humans are the sole cause of pollution and destabilization of the planet Earth. Effects of industrialization, urbanization, chemical industries and water pollution are evident in the world around us and it would be difficult to calculate what will happen to all parts of the world.

Square space, an innovative company, simulated Earth’s development once humans suddenly dissappear. The most important thing is that most structures, buildings, roads will be wiped out within a matter of few centuries. The only clue to our miserable species that will remain is plastics and other polymers that cannot be biodegraded over time. In billions of years, they will be carried to the bottom of the ocean floor and sediment which will give surprising phenomena that might leave any alients scratching their heads!

Here is the full youtube video of what to expect when the humans are gone!