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Mathematician Suggests 45-Degree Angles To Increase Parking Space In The Existing Lots

A space to park your car is the first thing you wish for as you enter the car park. Yet, the frenzied pace at which the vehicles are purchased implies that there is a dearth of parking space in the existing parking lots.


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A Professor of Mathematics at the Salford University plans to solve the problem of non-existent parking space in the present car lots in a very simple way: repaint the parking lines! Usually, the white lines that mark the parking space are painted at a 90-degree angle. David Percy proposes a system that will allow more efficient use of the existing parking spaces. Percy realised that one needs to pull out the entire length of the car to reverse and drive away. Thus, the lane between the parking lots needs to be wide enough to accommodate the length of one car, wasting precious parking space.

His solution is very simple; all you need is to replace the 90-degree parking lines with parking bays inclined at 45-degree angle.


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A car parked at 45 degrees can still be easily reversed in a narrower lane, while the saved space can be used to park more vehicles.



Percy believes that the 45-degree car parking system can save 23 percent of parking space; this implies that you can park 119 more vehicles in a car parking originally built for 500 cars.

At what angle are the cars parked in your country? Let us know in comments!