Discover The Parking Issues Facing Major Cities

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Cities are getting bigger and busier. For example, Perth’s population is forecasted to grow to 2.5 million by 2030 and potentially increase by another million in the twenty years after that.  Of course, these are estimates. But, the fact remains that cities are getting more congested, they are getting bigger and finding accommodation and parking is getting increasingly difficult.

This is leading to serious parking problems. The increased level of building to accommodate people is limiting the potential for car parking spaces. Alongside this, the extra people and the increase in the number of vehicles on the road are making it difficult to locate a parking space, even if you’re willing and able to pay for it.

That’s the secondary issue which cities like Perth are facing. A lack of spaces and an increasing demand for them means that the price of the spaces available is increasing rapidly. Many people cannot afford to park in the city.

Although some cities have developed park and ride systems or improved their public transport, this is not enough to entice everyone to park outside the city. The increase in cars in cities is also causing congestion. This is bad for the environment and slows down the public transport system.

Cities need to address the car parking shortages. The good news is that there is a simple step that can be taken today.

Renting Spaces

What may surprise you is that there are already enough car parking spaces to meet demand! As awareness of congestion and parking has increased, most new buildings are created with car parking under them. 

The staggering fact is that around 60% of households in the city don’t own a car. They don’t need to as they have everything they need on their doorstep. These spaces are tied to the properties and not available to commuters, despite the fact they spend most of their tie empty.

The good news is that firms like this one specializing in parking Perth city, are talking to people who have car parking spaces and no cars. These spaces can be rented through the company, earning the space owner a little extra money and creating cheap parking for commuters heading into the city. 

It should be noted these spaces are rented for fixed periods, not by the hour. But, you can save a significant amount of money compared to paying for traditional parking. More importantly, you’re guaranteed a space and you’ll always know where it is.

Technology Plays A Part

Technology can be used to link people with spaces with those that need them. This is effectively what companies like Parkhound already do. 

But, technology can do more. They can track spaces in the city, work out when they are free, and even allocate car parking based on those calculations. It’s possible to reduce the cost of current off-street parking facilities by ensuring spaces are available for everyone, reducing demand, and alleviating the city parking crisis without costing the city a fortune. 

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