This Is What Old Electric Car Batteries Go Through After Retiring

how old electric car batteries can be used again

Jason Fenske, from Engineering Explained, has answered many questions regarding cars, their functionalities, and other engineering related questions. This time he came to answer a question which all eco-friendly car owners have asked themselves, ‘what happens to the retired old electric car batteries?’ This is an important question since the global stockpile of EV batteries is expected to cross about 3.4 million packs by 2025. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, this battery waste can cause a severe environmental waste. If these batteries get damaged, they can also emit toxic gases.

In the video, Fenske has covered both the road and race cars and gives the best case scenarios of reusing the batteries and additional alternative options as well. He has also shared some exciting examples of current reusing EV battery projects. He has also answered the question on what if the battery can no longer provide a useful charge. These batteries can be used in various places after their use in vehicles is ended; from powering street lights to acting as storage devices in homes. This is indeed good since the EV adoption will see many discarded batteries very soon.

According to Fenske, as the EV numbers will rise, the EV battery reusing and recycling options will also increase. So far, it appears that the future will be EV battery friendly. Watch the video below to learn the various ways you can use your old electric car battery.

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