This Is How Tesla Paints Model 3 Vehicles And Its Amazing

tesla model 3 paint system

During the production of Model 3, Tesla has used and tested various innovations. In a recent tweet, the company has shared how they paint their cars. The new video shows an udder-style applicator which sprays paint on a Model 3. The paint robot has helped to ease one of the biggest bottlenecks for production. According to an email sent by Musk to its employees, the paint shop is still a massive struggle for the company’s automation. To get through the production easily and the process more efficient, Tesla has produced the Model 3 in batches of specific colors.

Apart from streamlining their color options, the company has also produced a long-awaited color; Obsidian Black. According to Fred Lambert from Electrek, owners are being informed that their Model 3 are going into production. This means that the company will also start deliveries in Canada very soon. A simple painting robot could be a key to the company for maintaining the production surge which it experienced before the end of the last quarter.

The company is celebrating fixing the major bottleneck in production. Meanwhile, the officials are also dealing with another headache which is due to the tweets sent by Elon Musk. US financial regulators are investigating whether or not Musk was truthful when he tweeted that he’d secure funding for a corporate buyout. This tweet caused a 10 point surge in stock value and caught the attention of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Under the current US laws, companies and corporate officials cannot give misleading and false information to their shareholders regarding company events. This can put Musk in serious problem if the SEC investigation finds that Musk was not truthful.


Musk tweeted that he plans on taking his electric car making venture private at $420 a share. These figures came to a total valuation of $72 billion which is nearly 20% higher than the stock’s trading price. Musk also released a follow-up blog post in which he explained that he wanted to streamline stockholder investments. Recent reports have confirmed that Musk has been discussing with Tesla board members about taking the company private. A report by the Wall Street Journal said, “Last week, Elon opened a discussion with the board about taking the company private.”

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