This Is What Happens When You Short Circuit 244 Batteries Together

Short circuit 244 batteries

We are back with yet another disclaimer. This time it is a little subdued and more suited for the average engineer’s liking rather than those absurd firecrackers we got to see before. So, before we begin, here is our necessary warning.

What we are about to show you here has been done by professionals who knew what they were doing beforehand. You shouldn’t attempt to recreate this experiment, and we will not be held accountable for it.
244 batteries

Having said that, what do we do when our 9V batteries get drained off most of their energy? We attempt crazy experiments with them. Connecting them in series and overpowering an old bulb or LED to see it shatter are relatively sane things we do. But, whatever you do with an old one, it will never come close to what this guy did with his collection of 244 new ones.

He shorted them at once and did other crazy things like trying to pass current through an old CD and an LED. He rounded off his crazy experiment with an experiment through a capacitor. Here is complete video from the insane Youtuber.

Here is why we don’t want you to try at home. See this terminal? Yeah, it has partially melted and blackened due to the extreme spark and heat.

But one fun thing to see, wasn’t it?


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