School Was Getting Renovated. What They Found Beneath The Boards Will Give You Goosebumps

Hundred year old school2

It was thanksgiving 1917 when the students of what is now Emerson High School in Oklahoma state were asked to do thanksgiving activities on their blackboards. The teachers assisted them in their work and soon after they were done with their day, they went back home for the holidays and the school boards were renovated to new ones. Finally, this year when those boards were taken apart to install whiteboards, the workers were stunned to find the relics of a century old classroom.

Hundred year old school

The blackboards had been installed over the old ones and such that the previous written words and sketches from the students and staff was still there.

WOW! isn’t it such a blast from the past? The school custodian R.J Scott signed the boards before allowing the renovation dating back a century. The school authorities are currently looking for his descendants to get more information about this school.

It is clear to see from the handwriting of the students and simple verses of the bible quoted in it that the school was a primary level one at that time. The pledge of allegiance also indicates the war-time patriotism prevalent in the American society as it this was the time of World War 1 when Americans had become directly involved in the conflict.

Hundred year old school2

A lesson on the pilgrims scribbled on one of the blackboards!

Hundred year old school3

Some sketches of 16-17 century attire was displayed on one of the boards. Wonder what they were studying back then?

Hundred year old school4

One had a beautiful color drawing of a ship, most probably Mayflower. It shows that not all of the classrooms had the same lesson at that time. Not only these blackboards, the spaces in between also revealed some grade reports and newspaper clippings from that era. It shows us how journalism and society has changed with respect to time.

More of the drawings from students

Hundred year old school5

Some of the stuff like this wheel game with numbers is not immediately recognizable.

Hundred year old school10

Some are just random doodles from the students. Here is a girl blowing bubbles.

Hundred year old school8

It is unclear whether this was done on purpose by the Scott guy. But even if it was, he wouldn’t have ever dreamed that the secret would be revealed a hundred years later! This is so awesome. Its just like going in a pensive with Harry to look at the times long gone. We can almost feel the presence of the children and their laughter when they played at the board and then unknowingly left it all for us to enjoy a century later.


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